welcome WELCOME TO TOWNCITY CARDS FAQ What are Town City Cards?

Town City Cards are discount cards. Users can redeem any of the discounts listed on this website's.You don’t have to live in the town or city to buy one. However, you must have a valid Town City Card to redeem the discounts.

Where can I use Town City Cards?

have different designs but you can use them with all of the attractions, businesses, restaurants & shops listed on this site.This means that if you own, for example, a Hastings card you can use it it Battle, Bexhill, Eastbourne, Hailsham, Hastings, St Leonards, Rye, Uckfield, across Sussex & Kent.

How can I redeem a Town City Cards discount?

Easy. You show your Town City Card and ask for the discount or offer. The business owner will check the expiry date on your card & give you the discount or offer.

Can I share my Town City Card?
Yes, you can. However, for some discounts you may need more than one Town City Card. Read the terms & conditions that are listed with every business profile.

Do I have to have a Town City Card to get the discount?

Yes, we have asked local businesses to only give you the discount when they have checked your valid Town City Card.

What are the differences between the different Town City Card designs?

Apart from the locally themed artwork they are the same. Town City Cards are accepted by all the businesses featured on this site.

What is a valid Town City Card ?

Every Town City Card has an expiry date.When your card expires you will have to buy a new Town City Card to continue your access to the discounts. This website lists all the places where you can buy the card in town.You can also buy your Town City Card from this website.

When do Town City Cards expire?

Expiry dates are printed on Town City Cards.
If you purchase a Town City Card in (ie 2021), the Town City Card will expire on 31st December 2022. Town City Cards always expire on the 31st December. New Town City Cards are printed on 1st June every year so if you buy then you will always get more than 365 days to use the card!

Do I have to have a Town City Card to get the discount?
Yes, we have asked local businesses to only give you the discount when they have checked your valid Town City Card.

What happens if I lose my plastic Town City Card?
If you can provide proof of purchase (ie a receipt) and a Police reference number we will send you a new Town City Card (£6 to cover the new card, administration & p&p)

What happens if i am refused a discount?

We have agreed all the discounts with the business owners. If you are refused the discount be polite & ask to speak to the manager.

They all have a feature page on this website. Show the place there terms & conditions. If they refuse to give you the discount please let us now and we will call them ourselves.

It may be that the offer has terms & conditions attached to it or there is a new member of staff who is unaware of the discount.

We work hard to keep the website updated for your enjoyment.

Contact us at hello@towncitycards.com if you need to raise an issue.

Town City Cards window stickers are displayed in attraction, shop & restaurant windows. The business will also be featured on this website.

How can I promote my business to Town City Card users ?
View this page XXXXXXXXXXXX and start a conversation at hello@towncitycards.com

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